Bethesda Released New The Elder Scrolls Game

The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls: Castles, a surprising addition to The Elder Scrolls franchise, has quietly made its debut on select mobile devices. This release marks the first new installment in the series in years and has taken inspiration from the highly successful gameplay formula of Fallout Shelter.

Excluding the numerous Skyrim re-releases, the last fresh entry in the long-standing Elder Scrolls series was The Elder Scrolls: Blades, which arrived in early 2019. Unfortunately, this collection of bite-sized adventuring experiences didn’t quite resonate with fans, as it received a lukewarm reception and mixed reviews. It quickly became apparent that The Elder Scrolls: Blades wouldn’t match the success of Fallout Shelter, which has been going strong since 2015 and remains Bethesda’s most popular game in terms of player engagement.

Bethesda’s latest venture into the world of mobile gaming is known as The Elder Scrolls: Castles. This management simulation game popped up on the Google Play Store towards the end of September. The game is currently available in early access, and you can download this preview version of TES: Castles on select Android devices in the United States and several other countries. While the developer has yet to provide a comprehensive list of supported smartphones and tablets, the game’s 2D visuals suggest it should run smoothly on most contemporary devices, covering various price ranges.

Where to Download The Elder Scrolls: Castles

For those eager to dive into this new Elder Scrolls spin-off, it promises a unique opportunity to build their very own dynasty. Players will be tasked with constructing, expanding, and upgrading their titular castles, following a gameplay loop that closely mirrors that of Fallout Shelter. Given the resemblances between the two games, it’s likely that TES: Castles was also built using the Unity engine, a popular choice among mobile game developers.

Interestingly, while Fallout Shelter initially landed on iOS devices months before its Android release, TES: Castles might follow a different path, as there is currently no mention of the game on Apple’s App Store. Additionally, the early access version of TES: Castles does not seem to support Google Play Games for PC.

For fans who are unable to experience this preview build of TES: Castles, patience is the name of the game. Bethesda’s track record with mobile titles suggests that the full release may take some time. For example, TES: Blades spent around 14 months in early access before its official launch in mid-2020. The adorable Mighty Doom, a Doom-inspired mobile game, took even longer, spending nearly two years in limited beta before its global release in March 2023.

In summary, The Elder Scrolls: Castles is now available in early access exclusively on Android devices, with the promise of expanding the Elder Scrolls universe into the realm of mobile management simulation.

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