Call Of Duty Is Soon Getting Diablo IV Operators

Call Of Duty Haunting

The latest batch of cross-over operators has been officially announced for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone, and it’s creating quite a buzz. This time around, players can expect a roster that includes some dark and iconic characters such as Diablo IV’s Succubi queen, Lilith, and the fallen archangel Inarius. The lineup also features some horror legends like Spawn and Evil Dead’s Ash Williams. With such an eclectic mix of characters, one can only anticipate another intense and action-packed bloodbath.

Activision made the big reveal about these season 6 operators on a Thursday, along with hints of more horror-themed content on the horizon, including the much-anticipated return of The Haunting event in October. The seasonal update is set to go live on September 27th and promises something special for Doom fans – a themed bundle complete with a chainsaw. This bundle will introduce Al Simmons as one of the new operators, alongside a range of Spawn-related skins, including options for the superhero himself, as well as intriguing choices like Creepy Clown and Violator.

Call Of Duty Haunting

Lilith, the primary antagonist from Diablo IV, and the enigmatic Inarius will be available for separate purchase in the in-game shop. They’ll be joined by other well-known characters, including Skeletor from He-Man, Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2, and Alucard from Hellsing. The idea of these characters mingling with the likes of rapper Nicki Minaj, NBA star Kevin Durant, and the Burger King mascot in the Call of Duty universe is both exciting and intriguing.

This upcoming event is sure to keep players engaged as they eagerly await the release of Modern Warfare 3, scheduled for November 10th. Call of Duty has truly embraced the spirit of crossover madness, resembling popular titles like Fortnite in its approach. The game has consistently fused elements from various corners of pop culture, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. In July, players got a taste of this fusion with characters from the Amazon Prime superhero dramedy, The Boys, complete with Temp V abilities like Homelander’s terrifying red eye lasers.

While some purists might lament the perceived silliness of these crossovers, arguing that they undermine the serious nature of a war shooter, others relish the ever-changing party costumes and the sense of fun that comes with them. Of course, the seasonal grinds and price tags can be a point of contention. However, one silver lining is that the weapons, like those in the Doom bundle, will carry over into Modern Warfare 3, offering an incentive for players to engage with the crossover content.