City Builder Games Dominate Steam’s Top 5 Wishlists

City Builder Games

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it: we’re in a golden age of city builders. Whether you’re into strategy, survival, story-driven campaigns, or even casual, no-stress construction sandboxes, there’s never been a wider selection of city builders to choose from. And the good news is that there are even more exciting games on the horizon.

As proof of the city builder genre’s current vitality, take a look at Steam’s wishlist, where three of the top five most wishlisted games are all city builders. That’s nothing short of amazing. What’s even more fascinating is that these games encompass a diverse range of city-building experiences.

First up, there’s “Manor Lords,” a medieval strategy survival city builder that not only looks like it’s dripping with historical accuracy but also promises detailed medieval warfare and diplomacy systems. In this game, you’re not just building and managing your village; you’re tasked with defending your city and even conquering others. The limited-time demo from last year left a strong impression, and “Manor Lords” is the game I’m eagerly anticipating the most—not only among city builders but among all upcoming games. Although no specific release date has been announced, it appears to be on track for a launch this year.

Then, on the horizon, we have “Cities: Skylines 2,” which is set to release on October 24—barely three weeks away (though the console release has been delayed until 2024). We’ve gained insight into the sequel through Colossal Order’s developer blogs, revealing everything from citizen lifepaths to the intricacies of turning lanes to the ethical questions surrounding prison labor. “Cities: Skylines 2” already looks like it’s going to be bigger and better than the original.

In 2024, we’ll finally get to experience “Frostpunk 2,” the survival society builder. Impressively, it’s a significant departure from the original game. For those interested, I recommend reading about how “Frostpunk 2” challenges you to survive in a society divided by more than just the freezing weather, as reported by Phil during GamesCom.

For those of you who can’t wait and want to dive into city building right away, there’s good news. A free demo for “Pioneers of Pagonia” has just become available on Steam. This game is made by the creator of the original “The Settlers” series, promising a delightful experience. Additionally, the turn-based village builder “Dotage” is set to launch on October 4, only two days away, and it also offers a free demo. Furthermore, a demo of the mountainside city builder “Laysara: Summit Kingdom” is available, with a release expected sometime before the end of the year.

Let’s not forget the cool city builders currently in early access that you can enjoy right now:

  1. “Fabledom: Storybook” offers delightful looks, fairytale charm, and lots of unexpected surprises.
  2. “Terrascape” provides a relaxing yet challenging experience in this city-building strategy puzzler.
  3. “Farthest Frontier” is a survival city builder set in a medieval-inspired world, providing a challenging and engaging gameplay experience.
  4. “Land of the Vikings” lets you embark on a settlement survival journey in the age of Vikings.
  5. “Havendock” invites you to build a bustling town on the ocean in this charming colony simulation game.

So, there’s no shortage of options for city-building enthusiasts, with a vibrant mix of upcoming releases and early access titles to keep you engaged in crafting your urban dreams.