Exclusive Preview: SAW X Teases a Chilling New Jigsaw Trap


A new sneak peek from the highly anticipated film, “Saw X,” has just been unveiled, offering an intriguing glimpse into the twisted and nightmarish traps concocted by the infamous Jigsaw. This particular trap features a sadistic electric chair, and the unfortunate soul seated in it is in for a harrowing and agonizing experience. The tension and dread are palpable in this brief teaser.

“Saw X” takes place in the timeline between the events of “Saw I” and “Saw II.” It follows the disturbing journey of a desperate individual named John, who, in a desperate bid to find a cure for his cancer, embarks on a risky and experimental medical procedure in Mexico. Little does he know that this medical operation is nothing more than a heartless scam, preying on the most vulnerable. Jigsaw, the notorious killer, resurfaces, returning to his gruesome work. He ingeniously turns the tables on these con artists through a series of devious and deranged traps, staying true to his signature style of visceral horror.

The primary objective of “Saw X” is to cater to the loyal fans of the franchise, delivering all the elements they love while also keeping them on their toes with fresh traps and an intriguing new mystery to unravel.

The cast of “Saw X” boasts familiar faces, including the iconic Tobin Bell as John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw, along with Renata Vaca from “Midnight Family,” Paulette Hernandez from “Crown of Tears,” Joshua Okamoto from “Control-Z,” Octavio Hinojosa from “Come Play With Me,” Synnøve Macody Lund from “Ragnarok,” Steven Brand from “The Sandman,” and Michael Beach from “Dahmer.”

Notably, Kevin Greutert, the director behind “Saw VI” and “Saw: The Final Chapter,” is at the helm of this latest installment in the franchise.

Mark your calendars, as “Saw X” is set to hit theaters on September 29, 2023, promising to deliver another spine-tingling chapter in the legendary horror series. Fans and thrill-seekers alike are in for a nightmarish treat.