Julia Roberts Grapples with an Impending Apocalypse in ‘Leave the World Behind’ Trailer

Leave the World Behind

Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke’s characters, Amanda and Clay Sandford, find themselves facing a fateful midnight knock at their door in the tantalizing teaser trailer for Netflix’s forthcoming thriller, “Leave the World Behind.” This highly anticipated trailer was released just this Monday, building excitement among fans of suspenseful storytelling.

As the teaser unfolds, Mahershala Ali’s enigmatic character, G.H. Scott, emerges as a key figure. He cryptically utters, “In my line of work, you have to understand the patterns that govern the world. That can help you see the future.” This ominous statement sets the stage for the intrigue that follows.

Scott and his wife, Ruth, portrayed by Myha’la Herrold, claim to be the homeowners of the Sandfords’ weekend rental. Their request for shelter on that ominous night creates a compelling and foreboding twist in the narrative. Soon enough, the Sandfords and their teenage children are thrust into an unexpected crisis—a cyberattack that escalates from a mere New York City blackout into something more sinister and terrifying with each passing moment.

“There’s no going back to normal,” warns Scott as the Sandford family grapples with their place in a world that seems to be crumbling before their eyes. The sense of unease intensifies as Danny, a doomsday prophet portrayed by Kevin Bacon, delivers a chilling message: “Haven’t you been picking up on what’s going on out there? We’ve all been deserted.” Just as this warning reverberates, a thunderous sonic boom shatters the fragile semblance of order, leaving widespread destruction in its wake.

The cast of “Leave the World Behind” is a star-studded ensemble, with Farrah Mackenzie and Charlie Evans joining Roberts, Hawke, Ali, Herrold, and Bacon in bringing this gripping story to life. The film is an adaptation of Rumaan Alam’s novel, and it is set to hit select theaters on November 22, offering an early cinematic experience before its streaming debut on Netflix on December 8.

This thrilling project boasts an impressive team of producers, with Sam Esmail, Chad Hamilton, Julia Roberts, Marisa Yeres Gill, and Lisa Gillan all sharing producer credits. The executive producers include the notable names of Barack and Michelle Obama, Tonia Davis, Daniel M. Stillman, Nick Krishnamurthy, and, of course, Rumaan Alam, promising a potent blend of talent and creativity in delivering a suspenseful and thought-provoking cinematic experience.