McDonald’s Is Bringing Back The McRib


McRib aficionados, get ready to celebrate! The delectable saucy pork sandwich is poised to make a triumphant return to McDonald’s menu. The McRib will be gracing select locations once again, and you can mark your calendars for November.

This delightful news follows the highly-anticipated farewell tour held for the beloved McRib sandwich last year. McDonald’s orchestrated this so-called farewell tour as a way to bid adieu to the cult-favorite sandwich, which features a succulent BBQ pork rib patty adorned with onions and pickles. It was intended to be a fond farewell, but it seems that the sandwich’s permanent departure was short-lived. A McDonald’s spokesperson shared, “It turns out not everyone was ready to say goodbye to the McRib after last year’s Farewell Tour.”

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As for the specifics, details on which locations will have the privilege of serving the McRib and the duration of its availability remain a mystery. Nevertheless, devoted fans of the sandwich have been expressing their elation on social media platforms ever since news of its return broke. One enthusiast commented on a Reddit post about the McRib revival, saying, “Not surprising that one of the best fast food items wouldn’t go away forever.”

However, not everyone is on the McRib bandwagon. There are skeptics who fail to grasp the widespread adoration for the sandwich. One Redditor stated, “I never understood the appeal of the McRib. I figure that people mostly like the perceived rarity of it. I tried it once, and it was overly chewy and lacked a hearty meat flavor.”

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This isn’t the first time the McRib has made a comeback from its temporary retirement. In late September, rumors about the sandwich’s resurrection began swirling. A tantalizing Instagram post uploaded on September 26 by user @snackolator playfully teased the sandwich’s return. The post read, “I’m still confused about how a Farewell Tour can only last a year, but I don’t think fans are going to care all that much.” Fans couldn’t agree more with this sentiment, and they flooded the comments section to celebrate the sandwich’s return. One fan jubilantly exclaimed, “Like Cher, it’s back! Thank the snack gods.”

However, not everyone was pleased with this McRib revival. Some vented their frustration at the fast food giant’s inability to resurrect another fan-favorite, the snack wrap, a tortilla-wrapped chicken delight.

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The McRib has a long history as a limited-time menu item, and it has made numerous comebacks over the years. Last year’s farewell tour marked the fourth such event in the chain’s history, with previous farewell tours in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Despite these farewells, the McRib has consistently returned to the McDonald’s menu, leaving fans ecstatic with each resurrection. It’s clear that the McRib has a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of many fast food enthusiasts.