Mega Bloks Xbox 360 Collector Set

Mega Bloks Xbox 360 Collector Set

On September 8, with what seemed like little warning, Microsoft made an unexpected announcement that sent waves through the gaming community: the Mega 3:4 scale Xbox 360 collector set. Priced at $150, this unique collectible promises to transport enthusiasts back to the nostalgic days of 2007, albeit without the ability to play any actual games.

This peculiar offering is essentially a Lego set, although not officially branded as such. Instead, it’s crafted by Mega Bloks, Mattel’s well-known alternative to the world of block-building toys. The collector set boasts a whopping 1,342 pieces that, when meticulously assembled, form a strikingly detailed Xbox 360, complete with a miniature controller and a (faux) copy of the iconic game, Halo 3. What’s even more surprising is that it includes a replica motherboard snugly nestled within the Xbox case, a choice that leaves many scratching their heads in bewilderment, yet oddly intrigued.

Scheduled for release on October 8, the collector set generated a fervor among fans, with the initial batch of pre-orders selling out quickly. The product description, exclusively available at Target, describes it as follows:

“Inspired by the most influential gaming console of its time, this collector building set celebrates the legacy of the Xbox 360. Jump back in time with a fully buildable, light-up console and controller. Open the console to unveil a disc drive and various Easter eggs; place the Halo 3-themed disc inside to activate the motherboard. Adult builders, take note: completing this set unlocks the ultimate achievement.”

Despite its captivating retro charm, the Mega 3:4 scale Xbox 360 collector set doesn’t seem to offer any online connectivity to fans’ existing Xbox profiles. However, it has prompted its fair share of humor and skepticism. Some have been quick to jest about this unexpected and relatively expensive collectible, with comments like, “Sure, you could buy a real Xbox 360 for much less. But this one won’t get the [Red Ring of Death],” as jokingly mentioned by Niko’s director of research, Daniel Ahmed.

In reality, an actual Xbox 360 can be found on the market for a mere $50 to $75 at present. Nevertheless, proponents of the collector set point out that the $150 price tag is justified given its extensive collection of over 1,000 individual blocks and its captivating design. For those with disposable income and a penchant for gaming nostalgia, this might just be an irresistible addition to their display case.

Yet, while the allure of a miniature Xbox 360 is undeniable, some enthusiasts are holding out hope for Microsoft to reveal an official Xbox mini. After all, the tech giant’s original console is now over two decades old, making it a prime candidate for its own retro memorabilia. The idea of a $150 box that comes with Project Gotham Racing pre-installed? Well, that might just be an offer too enticing to pass up for die-hard fans of a bygone era.