Netflix’s Heartfelt Goodbye: A Nostalgic Farewell Video and Unveiling the Final DVD Sent


Today marks a significant milestone in the history of Netflix as the streaming giant bids farewell to its iconic DVD mailing service. For 25 years, Netflix has been synonymous with its signature red envelopes, which were once a mainstay in countless households across the United States. The era of physical DVD distribution has come to an end, and Netflix has chosen to celebrate this moment with a touching and nostalgic video that reflects on the bygone days of DVD rentals.

In a sentimental note accompanying the video, Netflix expressed its enduring love for entertainment and emphasized how the red envelope had become an enduring symbol of its mission to enhance the viewing experience for every subscriber. The message clearly states that DVDs will forever hold a special place in Netflix’s DNA.

The journey of Netflix’s DVD service began in 1998, when the company initiated the practice of mailing DVDs to subscribers. The first DVD dispatched through this service was none other than Tim Burton’s classic, “Beetlejuice.” This innovation quickly gained traction, becoming a massive hit with people of all walks of life. Over the years, Netflix successfully shipped more than 5 billion DVDs, proving the enduring appeal of physical media.

Deadline Magazine also disclosed the title of the final DVD ever dispatched by Netflix – Joel and Ethan Coen’s remake of “True Grit,” released in 2010. It’s a fitting choice, as this film, like the service itself, represents a blend of classic storytelling and modern filmmaking.

Netflix’s co-CEO, Ted Sarandos, took to Instagram to share his sentiments. In his post, he wrote, “Today, after 25 years, we ship our last DVD.” He went on to express how the iconic red envelopes had become beloved by subscribers and that more than 5 billion of them were sent to destinations big and small, ensuring access to a diverse array of films and television shows.

While Netflix’s evolution has undeniably revolutionized the way we consume entertainment, there is still a sense of nostalgia for the days of perusing the aisles of local video stores, a ritual enjoyed by many. Netflix’s rise to dominance in the streaming industry played a significant role in the decline and closure of many of these beloved video rental stores.

For those who are in possession of a final DVD or Blu-ray from Netflix, there’s a heartwarming twist – you don’t have to send it back. Netflix is allowing subscribers to keep these last physical mementos, a tangible reminder of a time when receiving a red envelope in the mail was an eagerly anticipated part of the movie-watching experience.