Netflix’s Religious Horror Movie Sister Death Trailer Revealed

A new trailer for “Sister Death” reveals Netflix’s upcoming religious horror movie, and it’s perfectly timed for Halloween. This film serves as a prequel to the 2017 Spanish horror hit, “Veronica.”

The official synopsis sets the stage for what promises to be a chilling tale: “In post-war Spain, Narcisa, a young novice with supernatural powers, arrives at a former convent, now transformed into a school for girls, with the intention of becoming a teacher. However, as the days pass, she is subjected to increasingly strange events and disturbing situations that torment her. These occurrences will ultimately lead her on a harrowing journey to uncover the terrible web of secrets that shroud the convent and haunt its inhabitants.”

This premise is both eerie and intriguing, and it hints at a gripping storyline filled with supernatural elements and dark mysteries.

“Sister Death” is set to premiere on Netflix on Friday, October 27, just in time for Halloween. Before its Netflix release, the film will open the Sitges Film Festival on October 5, generating excitement among horror enthusiasts.

The movie features a talented cast that includes Consuelo Trujillo, Almudena Amor, Luisa Merelas, Chelo Vivares, and Maru Valdivielso. The script is penned by Jorge Guerricaechevarri, known for his work on “REC,” and the film is directed by Paco Plaza, one of the co-creators of “REC.” With such a team behind it, “Sister Death” is poised to be a must-watch for horror fans, promising an intense and spine-tingling cinematic experience. So, mark your calendar for October 27 and get ready for a pre-Halloween scarefest.