Rave Reviews from Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro for the Sci-Fi Horror Flick ‘NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU


If you haven’t had the opportunity to witness the recently released science-fiction horror thriller titled “No One Will Save You,” you’re in for a cinematic treat that deserves a prime spot on your streaming list. This movie is nothing short of awesome, boasting exceptional craftsmanship and a captivating storyline. Although it would have been a spectacle on the big screen, you’ll have to settle for experiencing its thrills on Hulu.

The endorsement of this film goes beyond just enthusiastic viewers; even esteemed figures in the world of literature and cinema have voiced their praise. Stephen King, a master of horror storytelling himself, had this to say about the movie: “Brilliant, daring, involving, scary.” He further emphasized its uniqueness, making it clear that “No One Will Save You” stands out in the crowded landscape of thrillers. Guillermo del Toro, renowned for his work in the realm of fantasy and horror, echoed the sentiment, deeming the film “fun, fun, FUN.” He commended its intelligence and the presence of memorable moments that undoubtedly enhance the viewing experience.

These esteemed endorsements should serve as a compelling reason for anyone remotely interested in the genre to give this film a chance. Their words resonate with the overall sentiment – “No One Will Save You” is a must-watch, and it’s virtually guaranteed to deliver an enjoyable cinematic journey.

At the heart of the movie is the talented Kaitlyn Dever, portraying the character Brynn Adams. Brynn is a creative and gifted young woman who has, unfortunately, been estranged from her community. Her life, lonely but filled with hope, finds solace within the walls of her childhood home. However, her world is turned upside down one fateful night when she’s awakened by eerie sounds emanating from intruders not of this world.

What unfolds is a high-octane clash between Brynn and a host of extraterrestrial beings, who not only threaten her future but also force her to confront her past. This gripping narrative promises a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense, ensuring that “No One Will Save You” keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

The mastermind behind this thrilling tale is none other than Brian Duffield, who both penned and directed the film. Duffield’s previous work, which includes screenplays for movies like “Underwater” and “Love & Monsters,” as well as his role as writer and director of “Spontaneous,” showcases his prowess in delivering captivating stories with a touch of the extraordinary.

Duffield himself shared his excitement about the film, highlighting how it cleverly conceals some of its significant twists in the trailer, leaving viewers in for a delightful surprise as they delve into the movie. The trailer, in addition to its crafty approach to storytelling, offers glimpses of the mesmerizing alien encounters that punctuate the film’s runtime. As Duffield emphasizes, “No One Will Save You” is far from a hide-and-seek thriller; it’s a full-blown, action-packed encounter with extraterrestrial beings that promises nonstop excitement.

The countdown to September 22nd, when “No One Will Save You” begins streaming, has already started, and it’s safe to say that anticipation is building as fans of the genre eagerly await this extraordinary cinematic experience. So, clear your schedule, prepare for an adventure that transcends the ordinary, and get ready to be thoroughly entertained by this sci-fi horror masterpiece.