Taika Waititi’s Inspirational Sports Comedy NEXT GOAL WINS Trailer

Searchlight Pictures, the renowned film studio, recently unveiled a captivating new trailer for the upcoming inspirational sports comedy, “Next Goal Wins,” directed by the acclaimed Taika Waititi. This latest preview serves as a featurette, with Waititi providing insights into the film’s story and the motivations behind its creation.

“Next Goal Wins” narrates the story of the American Samoa soccer team, infamous for their crushing 31-0 defeat in a FIFA match back in 2001. With the World Cup Qualifiers on the horizon, the team embarks on a daring quest for redemption by enlisting the unconventional and down-on-his-luck coach, Thomas Rongen, in the hopes of transforming the world’s worst soccer team into a formidable force.

When discussing the film, Waititi emphasized the essence of the ultimate underdog story, set against the backdrop of Polynesia, a location that holds profound personal significance for him. He expressed, “It’s taking place in Polynesia, which is very important to me because it’s my people. We stick together. It was like seeing myself up there, seeing my family up there, when I saw that documentary, which is so perfect in many ways. And to give a broader audience access to that story was one of my primary objectives. Bringing our unique backyard to people and showcasing diverse faces on screen was a significant milestone for me. I just loved it.”

Waititi’s passion for underdog narratives was also evident as he further elaborated, “Rugby is the national sport in New Zealand, but it’s about underdogs, and I just love underdog stories. Most of my films revolve around people on the margins, those who are a little bit left out, and this story seamlessly fit into that narrative. It’s a true story, but it possesses all the quintessential elements that make great sports films. Essentially, it’s the ‘Cool Runnings’ of soccer.”

The film boasts an ensemble cast led by the immensely talented Michael Fassbender in the role of Coach Rongen. Elisabeth Moss portrays Rongen’s ex-wife, while Will Arnett takes on the role of a fictional soccer executive. The cast also includes notable actors such as David Fane, Beulah Koale, Lehi Falepapalangi, Semu Filipo, Uli Latukefu, and Rachel House, adding depth and diversity to the ensemble.

“Next Goal Wins,” co-written by Waititi and Iain Morrisit, is slated for release on November 17th, promising an uplifting and heartwarming cinematic experience that combines the love of sports, the spirit of the underdog, and the power of redemption.