Talk To Evil Spirits With The Official TALK TO ME “Party Hand” Prop Replica

TALK TO ME Party Hand Prop Replica

If you happen to be a devoted fan of the spine-chilling horror movie sensation “Talk To Me,” you’ll be thrilled to learn that A24, the mastermind behind the film’s distribution, has recently unveiled an incredibly authentic prop replica of the infamous “Party Hand” – and they’re offering it for sale! Yes, you can now purchase this eerie artifact and try your hand at summoning malevolent spirits!

In the film, this enigmatic prop is purported to be the embalmed and severed hand of a formidable medium, and its purpose is to serve as a conduit to the spirit world. To set its supernatural powers into motion, all one needs to do is grasp the hand and utter the incantation “talk to me,” thus extending an invitation to spirits or even malevolent entities from the realm beyond. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even allow a spirit to possess you, although one might argue that’s a rather bold choice!

The version of this hand that is available for purchase through A24’s online store is designed to function as a smoking device or an incense burner. However, its hauntingly authentic appearance also makes it a chillingly captivating display piece for horror aficionados and enthusiasts of the macabre.

Crafted by the talented artisans at Craighill, this life-sized ceramic Talk to Me Party Hand is a unique and coveted item, and it is proudly hailed as the exclusive smoking device that opens the gateway to the supernatural realms.

If you’re eager to add this spine-tingling piece to your collection, you can make it yours for a price of $110. Act fast, as these eerie hands are in high demand, and orders placed now are set to ship by November 30th, just in time to add an extra touch of the supernatural to your holiday season.

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