WWE Releases Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, and More

WWE made headlines on Thursday with a series of unexpected talent releases, catching both fans and the wrestling world by surprise. The news broke primarily through the social media channels of the affected WWE superstars themselves, leaving the wrestling community abuzz.

One of the most surprising releases was that of Mustafa Ali, who had been scheduled for an NXT North American Championship match later in the month. Taking to Twitter, Ali announced his departure from WWE, leaving fans wondering about the circumstances surrounding his exit.

Fans were further taken aback by the release of several fan-favorite characters, including Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, Riddick Moss, and Elias. The confirmation of these departures came from Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, adding to the shock factor.

As the day unfolded, more superstars came forward on social media and through reports to confirm their own releases. Notable names like Emma, Tenille Dashwood, Rick Boogs, and Aliyah were among those who revealed they were no longer with the company. The extent of the talent cuts remained uncertain, leaving fans and insiders speculating about the scale of the WWE’s decision.

Here is a comprehensive list of the WWE superstars who have been released:

  1. Mustafa Ali
  2. Tenille Dashwood
  3. Emma
  4. Rick Boogs
  5. Aliyah
  6. Top Dolla
  7. Riddick Moss
  8. Elias
  9. Shelton Benjamin
  10. Dolph Ziggler
  11. Dana Brooke
  12. Bryson Montana
  13. Mace and Mansoor
  14. Quincy Miller
  15. Shanky
  16. Dabba Kato/Commander Azeez
  17. Yuliya Leon
  18. Anthony Nash

These releases mark a significant shift in WWE’s roster and have left fans speculating on what the future holds for both the company and the released talent.